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Insider tour of Rio de Janeiro's model favela. This walking tour takes you into the community where the first Pacification Police Unit of Rio de Janeiro was installed. The Santa Marta favela has welcomed many celebrity visitors, including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Madonna. These celebrities have left their mark on the community and their stories have become part of the favela's history and the progress of its local residents.

The two-hour walking tour through the favela is conducted by a trained tour guide who lives in the community. The setting of many video clips and international movies, Santa Marta offers plenty of attractions. Visitors will ride the tram to the top of Santa Marta, see the Michael Jackson statue, visit several social projects and experience the daily routine of the six thousand residents.

Santa Marta's stunning location offers visitors a privileged view of the city. After our walk through the maze of narrow alleyways that cling to the steep hillside, we are rewarded by sweeping views of the Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Favela Santa Marta is quickly becoming a must-see tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro. The tour gives visitors a different perspective of the city and offers a glimpse into the daily routine of the favela. The tour contributes to the community’s social development and fosters the exchange between different classes and cultures.

This 4-hour tour – Includes: transportation + guided walk.

This tour allows visitors to experience the reality of life in the favelas and contribute to improving the quality of life of the local community, by creating opportunities for sustainable employment.

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By Anja & Randi - 13 de Outubro de 2011 às 19:17:34

Thank you for an amazing tour. It was so fun to see the differences from the favelas and we really enjoyed the trip. The guides were really nice and had alot of information! We had a great time and it was fun to see the places where tropa de elite was played and the statue of Michael Jackson. Thank you, we\'ll come back =)

By Drew M - 12 de Janeiro de 2012 às 21:31:07

The tour was incredible. The tour service was great. We were picked up on time, and felt safe and secure. Our two guides were very knowledgable and knew the favela well. The favela Donna Marta is beautiful and safe. I have already referred multiple friends to the tour service and they had as good of a time as us. I would suggest anyone wanting to do a tour of Donna Marta us Soul Brasileiro

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